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oluwafunmi1   Dayo Kodson

  October 11, 2018 | 58 Views

How social marketing can earn you a fortune for life.

How social marketing can earn you a fortune for life.

How social marketing can earn you a fortun for life.

Don’t be lazy, all companies market their product so why would you not do the same and earn a fortune.
This days, it does not matter if you have a product or not, what matter is for you to pick up a product online and market it.

First analyse the product you wish to market if it will be good for marketing and if that is what people will like to buy.
Its not necessary to be goods, it can be services. There are thousands of legitimate service online now that offers you great opportunity and one of them is Peoplesalat platform where you work as a marketer by inviting your friends and family to become a shareholder of the platform and as a publisher by sharing happenings.

How Peoplesalat work?
Peoplesalat is a social affiliate program. You earn as you share daily happenings around you.

There are more ways to earn on peoplesalat
(1) You earn 55.5% of the upgrade fee when people join peoplesalat with your referral link and upgrade to shareholder account
(2) You earn 300 PAT when they upgrade their account to shareholder account
(3) You earn 5% of any amount the people you invite withdraw from peoplesalat any time.
(4) You earn PAT when you share happenings on peoplesalat, read happenings, comment on happenings, people commenting on your happenings and people reading your happenings.
The more active you are the more you earn on peoplesalat platform and your money can be transfer to your local bank account without stress.

How do I register on peoplesalat?
To register on peoplesalat is free but you need a sponsor code, you can check our facebook page or group to ask anyone there sponsor code
How do I upgrade my account on peoplesalat?
Its easy to upgrade your account on peoplesalat platform, just click upgrade account and follow the information.

Can I earn on peoplesalat without upgrading my account?
Yes, you can earn without upgrading your account on peoplesalat. Just invite someone with your code, and once the person upgrade his/her account, you earn 55.5% of the upgrade fee instantly and you can withdraw it any time.

Now you see, the more people you invite, the more you earn for life on peoplesalat, so what is holding you to join peoplesalat today.
With peoplesalat, you will never go broke any month.

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