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  October 11, 2018 | 45 Views

Peoplesalat upgrade – Must read informatin to all shareholders

Peoplesalat upgrade – Must read informatin to all shareholders

Peoplesalat now global with Peoplesalat Token(PAT)

Dear shareholder,
We have see it fit to partner globally and this has brought drastic changes to the system, we therefore want to pass it accross to all our shareholder all the recent changes to peoplesalat.
The following are the current upgrade and the future upgrade.

Currently updated

  • Every shareholders account is now value in dollars, both the income account and the referral account
  • The point will be value in tokens which is Peoplesalat Tokens (PAT).

    The value of the tokens changes as before depending on the revenue the platform generate every 15 days.

  • The Token for each happenings shared by the shareholder is 5 PAT per post irespective of which category you share to but in case you share an information to non relevant category, the post will be deleted and you will lose the token. The value of PAT for each reaction to the post is now 1PAT, you can now earn 5PAT per 200 views of your shared happenings, which means the more views you have on your shared happenings, the more you earn therefore it is recomended that as soon as you post, you share your post in any of your social media account to earn more PAT.
  • Peoplesalat now have 2 account. (1) Free account and (2) shareholder account. Registration is free for free account while to become a shareholder, you will upgrade your free account to shareholding account with the total sum of $5/year.
  • Benefit when you register for free

    With free account, you can earn from peoplesalat platform by inviting friends and family to peoplesalat and you earn 300PAT instantly once they register and and become a shareholder, you also earn 55.5% of the upgrade fee in cash to your referral account once they upgrade their account to shareholder account.

    The benefit when you upgrade your account to shareholder account

    With shareholder account, you will be able to earn in many different ways, bellow are the ways you earn.

    1. You are required to invite friends and families to peoplesalat and you earn 55.5% of the upgrade fee in cash anytime the person upgrade their account to shareholder account
    2. You earn 300PAT instantly once they register and become a shareholder
    3. You also earn 5% of any amount the people you invite withdraw from their respective accounts.
    4. You earn PAT as you actively share happenings, comment and reading happenings, people commenting on your happennings and peoples reading your happenings. Your PAT can be easily converted to cash at the end of the month.

      The more you are active on peoplesalat, the more you earn.

  • We now process your payment in more ways, just any how you want it. Bellow are the payment system you can withdraw your money to.

    (i) With local bank for users in Africa
    (2) With Perfect money visit for more details
    (3) With paypal. Visit for more details
    (4) With Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum.

The future update
(1) There are more updates coming.
One of the update is to allow shareholder to sell or buy tokens from other shareholders with the current value of the tokens. And the transaction will actract no service charge.

Please bear with us.
Thank you.
Peoplesalat Team