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  October 11, 2018 | 16 Views

What you need to know before your account get hacked!

What you need to know before your account get hacked!

What you need to know before your account get hacked!
Hacking of peoples social media account is very easy this days because account owners are the one that gives out their account details easily in disguise.
There are different trick hackers can use to get your account hacked.
Bellow are the list of ways they use to get you locked out of your account.

  • You just receive a message on your whatsapp from your friend or unknown promising you free airtime, money, laptop, travel abroad by a worldwide known agency and you quickly click the link and unfortunately you need to login with your social network account, what you just see is facebook page or instagram page or twitter page etc, be very careful, first login with a wrong account, then you will notice that the page will now redirect properly to either facebook or instagram or others which means the account details you first login, they have save it to their own database then redirect you to the proper website unknowingly to you.
  • Other ways is through mobile app. Login in to mobile app through your facebook or social medial account can be dangerous, your account might be compromise and get hacked.

Why hackers need your account?
Hackers need your account for manipulation, they want to pretend its you and manipulate your friends and family for extortion or change your entire profile to another person and use it to scam people.
How to prevent your account
Make sure your account is updated with both your email and mobile number. If your account is using yahomail, make sure you open gmail and add it too, this will make it more stronger than before.