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By Peoples - February 1, 2019 48


What if you are addicted to something that is good? That is the very first question that comes to your mind when you come across the topic.

I want you to realize one key thing, addiction comes from something that is easy and pleasurable, doing it over and over again over time becomes addiction and been addicted to something that is meaningless but seams meaningful deprive you of many other things that can make you grow big in life. How do you feel when you realize what you have been addicted to for years are actually things that keeps you stagnant.

Many that are addicted today knows but don’t bother to fight it, is like seeing the way your enemy is destroying you but enjoying it. Because you enjoy it, you don’t feel like to end it and because you don’t end it, you keep been where you are. I don’t know what you are addicted to but I must tell you, if you really wanted to grow from point A to point B, be ready to fight your enemy and one of them is one of the bad thing you are addicted to that is consuming your time and energy. If you fail to see it as your enemy which you need to fight, then forget it, you can’t reach your goal because it will keep consuming you like fire.

Now think twice, ask yourself because you are the only one that knows yourself, are you confident enough to tell people what you enjoy doing? For instance, if you enjoy coding, won’t you tell your friends, relative, and any other persons, because you are proud of it, but if you are a womanizer, drug addict, you love watching porn, then will you be confident to tell others or boost about it? Can you say I am a drug addict in public? If you can’t boost of it, then why keep it? Be ready to fight it, set yourself free, the power to fight is in you, ignite it and be free.

By getting free from your bad addiction, you will be free and able to focus on more important thing that will increase you productivity…

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