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Creating your digital self, the way forward!

By Peoples - February 1, 2019 47

Creating your digital self, the way forward!

Millions makes money digitally, so do you? If you are not making money digitally then you are an analogue man living in digital age, meaning you are decreasing in value and you do not fit in for the next decades world.

Gone are the days of analogue, now to makes reasonable and sustainable money and to be financially free, you need to create your digital self.

You may ask, what it means to create one digital self? If you may recall, digital means use of technology to enhance ones work. Therefore creating your digital self means learning and using any technological tools requires to improve your work. For example if you are a mechanic that deals in toyota car repair or honda car etc. and the only way to detect fault in car is by trial and error, to create your digital self, why not buy a machine that can detect fault in a car within minutes and you will not only gain the trust of your customer but also gain more customer, always think digitally, make a research what digital tools that will best improve your work and makes you work more smarter than before. Can you draw with pen and pencil? Why not learn animation along side the skills, it will not only improve your financial pocket, you will also sit among men of values.

Never fail to build your digital self, it’s your key to financial freedom.


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