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Millions of youth thought to start something great, they need to rent shop, paint the shop and put the shop in order, while some thought if not job, they can’t do anything therefore they sit at home doing nothing.

My dear readers, one thing am certain about is, if you really have the skills or the intellect that you think the company out there really need that will improve their company or move there company forward, then why can’t you use it yourself. If a writer could write a book that can make someone move away from poverty, then while will he/she be poor? If you can write a book on how to keep your wife or husband then why are you divorce? You study money management but can’t manage your money; you study accounting but can’t account for yourself, you can draw but can’t draw yourself and put life into the drawing. What am saying is that If you are proud of your skills, knowledge, energy, intellect, can work with little or no supervision, can market for any company, can convince people for any company, then why do you sit at home waiting for company to employ you while you waste those resources at home.

First let check the meaning of “home”:

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A home, or domicile, is a living space used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual, family, household or several families in a tribe.

We are concern about the word “LIVING SPACE”. Can you see how it is a blessing starting from home because at home we already have our customer that are ready to patronise us, starting from our family members (Living with us) down to our friends (Living within us), then extend to our neighbours (Living around us), friends of friends, our neighbours friends and beyond.

Not finding job out there might be a blessing to start something of your own, that is why I said while will you sit down doing nothing at home when you can actually start something from home. Life is not all about finding alone, it’s about giving also, if you can’t find a job, can you give one? If you have the zeal and you believe in your skills, your energy, your strength then go ahead and start something right from the comfort of your home. If you can buy anything online without moving an inch from home and it get deliver to you at home within some days if not minute, then you can actually sell something right from the comfort of your home.

“While you sit at home waiting for company to employ you, you are not only wasting your time, you are also wasting your home”

In this modern age of ours, you are not only wasting your time sitting at home waiting for company to employ you, you are also wasting your home when you can sit at home working for company without submitting your CV or go for any interview. While you sit at home, think of anything that can be done without having a shop or need for shop. It can be an affiliate program online. Have you ever think of working as a marketer for Jumia? Why not sign up for their affiliate program online, are you a graphics designer? Why not work on fiverr online as a part time designer, do you buy and sell? Why not create a shop online, invite your facebook friends to your shop and you will be shock when they start buying things from you. Can you teach? Yes you can start teaching on Udemy right away. Do you love posting and sharing information? Then why not join Peoplesalat and get paid while you post and share information.

There are numerous things out there you can do without actually having a shop. If you think you have no idea, then learn one, if you have no skill to start then leverage one, it’s better to be under employ than to be unemployed. Even when you have little or no skills, you can actually market someone’s skills and get paid either by increasing the price or talk to the person to give you a commission.

Grab every opportunity that comes your way, try many things that are under your power, take risk, believe, have faith and be prayerful. Tell people what you can do and how you do it, create an affiliate program on your skills and let people market your skills, inform people what skills you can leverage or market. Remember owning a building start from foundation, even if you have money to rent a shop, can you just test run it from home and you will be glad you did just so.

My dear reader, if you don’t start from home, wetin you gain?

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Kelly White ft Duncan Mighty – Donwload Mp3

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