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I will grant corrupt leaders amnesty — Atiku

By Peoples - January 31, 2019 35

I will grant corrupt leaders amnesty — Atiku

During the town hall meeting tagged “The Candidates.” Atiku Abubakar the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate vows to grant corrupt leaders amnesty to bring back the looted fund in peace and use it to create job in the country rather than looters to join his party (PDP) and be safe without the looted fund been recover just as it were now in the current administrative led by Buhari.

He further explain that such method was use in Turkey and was effective in which all the looted fund was brought back from abroad and was judiciary used in the country.

Atiku press further that granting them amnesty will bring lasting security and creating of more jobs in the country, look at Turkey today where the method was implement, it just like any other European country today.

“Prosecuting looters would take much longer time and also denied the country from moving forward.”

He, however, promised to accept defeat if he lost at the February 16 election provided the election was free and fair.

He lamented that the North were facing insurgency while it was only the North-East that had Boko Haram challenge when the Muhammadu Buhari came into power.

He said it was during the APC government that the country’s Gross Domestic Product stood at about two per cent.

Obi who was his running mate agreed with Atiku on adopting amnesty for the looters

He said, it will be easy to recover the looted funds than engaging in prosecuting the looters that might take longer time without good result.

What do you think? To grant the looters amnesty and recover the looted fund in peace or to keep pursuing them ups and downs and when they join one party they are free?

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