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Lust is one of the tools Satan use to destroys you and your home, that’s why it’s very vital you guild against it, you should be concern about it, you should care that it has the power to destroy you or your home.

If you care less to any problem, to you it will have no solution.

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If you care less about it power, there are great chances that your beautiful married life will be destroy, your family will get disconnected and you may lose everything in a short period of time.

My question is will you allow  sexual strong desire to destroy you or your home? Before we learn how to guild against it, let us know what LUST really mean.

Lust: Lust is a psychological force producing intense wanting for an object, or circumstance fulfilling the emotion. Lust can take any form such as the lust for sexuality, money or power. It can take such mundane forms as the lust for food as distinct from the need for food.

The lust we are concern here is a strong sexual desire. When a man or woman has strong sexual desire, it can lead to fornication, adultery, infidelity etc. which may be difficult for you to control and every moment you succumb to the desire and carry out it wishes. Lust can make a young man unable to decide who to marry and who not to marry because he want to make love to all woman around him, as many as he wish but one thing is certain, one can never has a sexual intercourse with everyone on earth, that is impossible and one can never be satisfy as far as lust is concern. So, as a young man and woman, why would you embark on such unending journey and make your life miserable as a result?

Lust can make man rape a lady, it can make father have sexual intercourse with his daughter which we have seen in many cases, lust can make husband have unending girlfriend outside marriage, lust can make husband lose his family because he want a particular lady and he will not care about his children and wife any more, lust can make a man masturbate to a mere object etc.

Now look at the above course of lust, which one do you think is pleasant? None right? If you don’t want to be associated with any of the above course of lust, then its right time you guild against it.

How to guild against lust

It is very simple though not easy, since lust start from what you see, from seeing, your mind keep thinking about it over and over again nonstop, so starting from when you see it, quickly took away your eye, do not keep looking and make your mind pick it up, once you took away your eye, then to allow your mind not to reverse it and pick it up from there, you can just say a simple prayer, remember Eve in the book of Genesis, the Bible says “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it…” – Genesis 3:6. Can you see what lead to her action, she continue deliberating on the fruit and what she can gain from it and not the consequence, so this strengthen her desire to eat and she ate it. The more you look and deliberate on that object you see, it may be man and woman kissing, it may be a beautiful lady with big breast, a nude object or porn video or picture , there are 99% chances you will fall for it as you will keep on looking at the gratification not the end result. When a man keeps on watching pornography content, there are 99.999% he will give in to sin. Therefore when you quickly take away your eye and say a simple and quick prayer in your mind, telling God what has happened and how you desire that such thing should not overshadow your mind and your life, you will surely overcome it. God is a good God, he knew your weakness, so when you pray to him concurrently about the same issue, He will surely hear your prayer and you will overcome it.

That is the strategy I use to overcome LUST over a period of time and it works perfectly and quick and remember its a daily battle as long as one keep living in this sinful world so I apply it each day.

Lust is something you need to take serious in your life because there are 99% chances it happen to you a day and if you are not careful or you don’t take it seriously, it might lead you to destruction.

My brothers and sisters, if you don’t guild against LUST, wetin you gain?

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Kelly White ft Duncan Mighty – Donwload Mp3

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