Our Ideology

We believe everyone should get paid for his/her information been sold online, but because of greediness of those that are taken the lead in online marketing, they sold other peoples information, innocent people that visit their website and in return make more gain for themselves.

Do you know? facebook make over $2billion  in 2 month selling you and I information from the things we post, like, react to through advertisement, do you know? Over $14billion is spent in advertisement every month.

You may wonder

  • Who is advertising?
  • Who is receiving the advertisement?

Don’t be surprise, every company want to advertise its product to individuals for sales.

Who is receiving the advertisement is you and I, then how do they get to us? its through television, radio, newspapers , cinema, and most important on the internet.

Many website you visit today makes money from advertisement and how do they go about that is by selling website visitors information. Now you  wonder what type of your information they sold, its what you search, link you click, things you watch online and they sold those information on a daily basics which you yourself gain nothing from.

We believe in transparency and working for humanity, that is why we build this platform for everyone that get tired like us allowing others to sell our information without getting a dime from it.


PeoplesAlat  is for you and I, all members are share holder of the platform.

Become a share holder, contribute to the platform by

  1. Login daily,
  2. Posting news of yourself or others,
  3. Commenting on peoples post,  and
  4. Inviting new friends.

In return you get paid from the total revenue of the platform, everyone is the share holder of peoplesAlat.

Every month we calculate the total revenue and share it among the members base on their contribution to the platform at that month.


How do you earn from the platform?

  1.  2 point from login in daily
  2. 50 point from posting reach content information
  3. 1 point for each like to your post
  4. 2 point from commenting on each post
  5. 4 point from other peoples comment on your post
  6. Instant #1000 when you invite your friends and family to PeoplesAlat

How do we convert your point to cash?

Your point is the total share of the platform for that month, for example let say the platform makes #1,000,000.00 and the total platform point for that month is 5000 point while you have 800 point for the month then your share will be calculated as follows:


Total point = 5000

Your point = 800

Total revenue = #1,000,000


Your percentage share  =  ( 800 / 5000 ) * 100 = 16%

Your cash share  = Your percentage share * Total revenue = 0.16 * 1,000,000

Your cash for that month = N160,000

The more active you are on the platform, the more point you earn.

Its as simple as that.

Become a member today and start earning as you do what you love doing online

Read our frequently asked question to learn more on how to get started.


PeoplesAlat Team.