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Rising above criticism, your first step to success

By Peoples - February 1, 2019 61

Rising above criticism, your first step to success

Have you started a project and drop it before then later realize you should have continue? It happened to many of us and that is one thing that define failure. Well let me congratulate you, you have not fail if you can rise above what make you quit often. One thing that makes one quit a project is criticism. Though on your way to the top, you might not see criticism as a key to failure but i bet you if you fail to deal with it then you can’t do more than a dead lion. Listen to me, if you fail to manage your critics and use it as your stepping stone, you can’t reach your goal, then their is nothing to record as success.

One of the key ways to manage criticism and use it as your stepping stone to success is to see it as the negative side of what you aim to achieve that you need to deal with if you are actually hungry for success. For example, you might be willing to start a blog and critics might come this way “Who told you it will work?”, “Do you know how many blog out there?”, “Who told you people really need it?”, “you will just waste your money, time and energy for nothing”, “Do you know how many blog that had fail?”. With those negative statement, you can actually start by asking yourself, “what makes blog fail?”. “What makes blog successful?”, “What will make it different from other blogs?”, “What values will it gives my audience?”. By the time you answers those questions, and make more research on those questions, you will surely rise above your critics and move the project from stage A to stage B to final stage that will surely paid off.

Let me tell you a story, in 2017 I started a project called “DODONDO FM” in which i wanted to be using to inform people things about life in yoruba version, but as criticism begins to roll in, especially some from my close friends, telling me the project is rubbish and makes no sense, I gradually dropped the project, little did i knew that some people out there are actually listing and following me until i got a message from my youtube channel that they are enjoying DODONDO FM from Ijebu Igbo in Ogun State. Check the picture below to confirm what I was talking about.


My dear reader, get ready and prepare to rise above your critics the next time you pick up a project rather than jumping from one project to another project because someone told you it will not work.


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