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The limitation of your orientation is the limitation of your goal”

“Your current orientation is what will give birth to your current goal”

“The power of your orientation is the power of your goal”

You can see the connection between your orientation and your goal, therefore if you are finding it hard to achieve your goal, then it is time to upgrade your orientation. I realise that what is affecting many to reach their goal is because their orientation is outdated.

You can’t achieve a goal with an analouge oriented knowledge in a digital oreinted world. 

It is high time you upgrade to the required knowledge because it is not that hard to achieve your goal if it was built with updated orientation which i called “the curent trend orientation”. I do not know your goal, i do not know your idea, but first i want you to ask yourself, “is this goal meaniful?” because if its not meaningful, it will be hard to achieve, which prompt the need to update your orientation.

Now how do you update your orientation?

Firstly, what type of people do you love to follow both online and offline? These are the people that will shape your orientation. For instance 10 years ago, one of my elder brother once ask me, “who is your girlfriend?”, and I qickly reply him “I dont have girlfriend”  and he was like “who will be taking care of you when you are broke?”. Imagine such orientation, believing in a girl rather than himself, if that is your current orientation, please upgrade it.

Do you love following an entertainer? Wizkid, Davido etc, i do not say following them is bad but what am saying is that what kind of orientation are you recieving from them, outdated or updated? How to love a girl, how to sing for girl, how to lavish your money on girlfriend and how to make money by all means that may eventually make you beleive that “if you don’t make money you have gain nothing in life” or “if you dont make money, hide your face”, my dear reader, will you upgrade your orientation to understand that a man must not live by girls alone, will you update your orientation to also understand that life is not all about having things alone, but also managing what you have.

What is your current situation, how do you view your current situation gives you clue on how to approach it, and that will shows the level of your orientation. Are you a type of person that believe if your enemy dont die you cannot make it, hence your enemy must die? Remember in the Bible book of psalm 23:5, the writer King David sang “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemy”, will you upgrade your orientation to believe that even at the presence of your enemy the true God can prepare your blessing and stop telling God to kill your enemy in a ground style because:

even though you have no enemy, you can still be in the current situation you are.

Remember, the upgraded version of the phone you are holding is the latest version of the company orientation. If a mere technology is always updated then why will you die in your outdated life. It is possible for mere technology to be updated if and only if the producer’s orientation is updated. Can you compare a 2016 model car with 2019 model car? Iphone 7 with Iphone 9? Then why are you still living with the old version of your life?

My dear, if you see it fit to update your orientation, don’t hesitate to do so because that is your secrete route to reach your goal.


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